Farmers in Wisconsin stand with workers on collective barganing

Family Farms and Unions: Wisconsin Farmers on Collective Bargaining as a Farming Issue
Some farmers are supporting union workers in Madison, WI who oppose a state bill that would cut collective bargaining for government employees.

By: Beth Borzone, Farm Fresh – Colesville Patch (Silver Spring, MD) – Feb. 25th, 2011

Five or six times a year Joel Greeno takes out his 1935 Allis Chalmers WC tractor to offer tractor rides in his Wisonsin community.

“We have a potluck dinner and go for a 35 to 40-mile tractor ride, come back and eat the leftovers, and then go back home and do chores,” Greeno describes, explaining that it’s a chance to enjoy life, have a good time with friends and get away from everything. Now, he’s hoping to use his tractor on Saturday in a tractorcade of protests in Madison, WI.

“We applied for a police permit to take my tractor down and parade it around the capitol in support of the workers, but I haven’t heard back if they granted our permit or not, so we’ll see. So if I don’t get that, I may just go down Saturday and partake in events.”

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