Facebook will be handing out your home address and phone number(s)

Facebook To Share Users’ Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites
Bianca Bosker

Facebook will be moving forward with a controversial plan to give
third-party developers and external websites the ability to access users’
home addresses and cellphone numbers in the face of criticism from privacy
experts, users, and even congressmen.

Facebook quietly announced the new policy in a note posted to its
Developer Blog in January. It suspended the feature just three days later
following user outcry, while promising that it would be “re-enabling this
improved feature in the next few weeks.”

In response to a letter penned by Representatives Edward Markey (D-Mass.)
and Joe Barton (R-Texas) expressing concern over the new functionality,
Facebook reaffirmed that it will be allowing third parties to request
access to users’ addresses and phone numbers.

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