Craiglist ad seeks “writers to post Right-Wing Comments to social media & news outlets”

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So this is one of the ways that they recruit these losers. I know that every day, a steady stream of these paid disinformers call progressive talk radio shows like Thom Hartmanns and Ed Scholtz’s and make absurd claims about the salaries of public school teachers in Wisconsin state- sometimes they claim to be democrats who voted for Obama. They also post false figures of teachers salaries in numerous different Wisconsin cites and towns in the comment sections of Yahoo! news stories and then reply to them with things like, “Wow, great research Joe”, or “I can’t believe it, such greed!. Thanks for telling me”. Of couse, ultra right- wing Yahoo! doesn’t publish my rebuttal to these trools. Anti- intellectual doesn’t go far enough to even begin to descibe these people and their agenda.

The ad has been removed. I think I know several people who are probably employed by this company- but because they are unable to read or write, speak instead: Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, on and on. Someone has to be paying them to say the stupid things they say!

Repeat the talking points! Andrew, please post some evidence of this on the left.

I also think that Jack is right. A huge part of this operation is the repeated posting of false information, like inflated teacher salaries, etc. Keep the meme alive. Today, over at The Blaze, they are talking about SCARY TEACHERS who are COMMUNIST because they don’t accept pay and benefit cuts.

The far right and the religious right see the truth as nothing more than a minor nuisance.
Anybody don’t believe me? Just go to AOL,Topix,Yahoo and see some of the most outlandish lies you could possibly imagine being put forth by TeaBaggers(You can tell by their spelling).

You all realize this ad pertains to the upcoming Canadian election, if not, it’s understandable as this seems a page straight from the Republican machine. Harper is Bush’s love child or would like to have been. I can only hope this is where Canada is NOT heading.

Mercenaries are scum. That ad is advertizing for scum who don’t have the confidence in their own abilities to survive without taking money to attack working people.

Aha! I’ve suspected this for a while now. I see these idiots mindlessly repeating right-wing talking points on blogs, outnumbering the coherent posts. They do this on issues where the majority of the public is against their right-wing positions, and the fact that they’re paid explains this.

They’re just another outlet for propaganda from the wealthy. It reminds me of the massive Nazi propaganda operation run by Goebbels.

This practice is quite harmful to the public discourse and self-government.

It’s like allowing counrefeit money into the economic system.

There should be a law that paid-for political commentary must be identified as such.

Liberals will fall for anything. This is obviously a hoax, put on by some liberal. The terminology used is all wrong. If it makes you feel better, go with it, but you hurt your own credibility and your own cause.

ROTFLMAO!! I can’t believe you people fell for this!! Reading your paranoid comments is absolutely hilarious! Please post some more!! McDonalds….. ;-)

Wil is right. It’s satirical humour and is about the Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada.

Hens in a yard… one stretchers her wings and clucks and suddenly they are all running around in circles flapping and clucking “The sky is falling!”

I don’t know, why don’t you call up those real “journalist’s” at FOX News and have them find out. In the meantime, why don’t you consider reading some of the other numerous articles posted daily on this website? You actually learn something about journalism because you certainly won’t find any in the corporate media.

Kris says:
“…satirical humor…”

Yeah, that’s it! Craig’s List is just chockablock full of satirical posts about used household goods and help wanted. An ideal forum. Good call, Chris!

“Liberals will fall for anything. This is obviously a hoax, put on by some liberal. The terminology used is all wrong. If it makes you feel better, go with it, but you hurt your own credibility and your own cause.”

Obviously the truth lies somewhere else. NO ONE wrote it! It just magically appeared and the truth doesn’t exist…only lies!

This ad is a fake. I responded to it and received this response: “I’m a proud, principled, ethical liberal who’s outraged at right wing billionaires paying bloggers to LIE ONLINE because so few real people hold the opinions they want to force onto everyone else. You’re asking me to HELP YOU BECOME ONE OF THEM? Good damn luck to you.”

I posted links to this page all over the place and now I have to eat crow. This tactic seems counterproductive to me. Now right wingers can say that left wingers are lying about them. If anyone has any evidence that right wingers are actually being paid to post I would love to know it. Visit me on Facebook, Dana Walker in Olympia Washington, and post any such evidence you may have.

This article is 100% correct.
In fact, the entire concept of a “right wing” is a myth!
Nobody really believes in capitalism or whatever those so-called “republican’s” write about.
It’s all a big farce.

Kind of funny how they can’t get conservatives to do this of their own accord. Makes one wonder if they just don’t have the courage of their convictions or are just too stupid to use a computer.

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