Bradley Manning charged with 22 new counts, including capital offense

Breaking: WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning faces 22 new charges ‘Aiding the enemy’ among charges Army private faces in military’s investigation into leak of classified documents 02 Mar 2011 The Army said Wednesday it has filed 22 additional charges against Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the soldier suspected of providing classified government documents published by the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy group. CBS News reports that the new charges for the first time formally accuse Manning of aiding the enemy. Army officials said the charges accuse Manning of using unauthorized software on government computers to extract classified information, illegally download it and transmit the data for public release by what the Army termed “the enemy.”

Bradley Manning Charged With 22 New Counts, Including Capital Offense 02 Mar 2011 The Army has filed 22 new charges against suspected WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, among them a capital offense for which the government said it would not seek the death penalty. The charges, filed Tuesday but disclosed only Wednesday, include aiding the enemy, theft of public property or records, computer fraud, transmitting defense information and wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet knowing it would be accessible to the enemy. The aiding the enemy charge is a capital offense which potentially carries the death penalty.

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  1. I wonder what kind of treatment Jared Loughtner (or however it’s spelled) is getting in the Arizona prison system while he awaits his day(s) in court . I can’t be sure of this, but I’m willing to bet he is being treated with kid gloves in comparison to Bradley Manning. He’s probably getting plenty of TV, excersize, a bed with blankets and a pillow, and sunlight even though we KNOW he killed 6 people, put a bullet in Sen. Giffords brain, and injured 20 others- lots of eyewitness saw him do this, and at least two people wrestled him to the ground with the gun still in his hand while he was in the process of reloading it. Yet Manning has been mentally tortured and psychologically broken down for months on end based on suspicions of leaking information and collaborating with Assange and Wikileaks. If my perception is even remotely correct, and I’m willing to bet it is, I think this paints a pretty clear picture how immoral and draconian this country has overtly become.

  2. the appropriate response to this and the attacks on assange is to take hostages of relevant govt officials and hold them until manning/assange are released. the US govt is and has always been a nazi govt of endless atrocities… just ask an ‘indian’ if you can find one… tell the govt terrorists that ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists.’

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