Big Money wants to wreck our public schools: An interview with Diane Ravitch

The Education of Diane Ravitch
Should public schools fear billionaires? Is Finland a poster nation? An interview with the nation’s leading education historian.
By Kristina Rizga

1]When I called education historian Diane Ravitch [2] last week to ask her MoJo readers’ questions [3], she was on the other line with producers from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart [4]. Stewart, whose mother worked for years as a teacher, was about to do a segment on Wisconsin and “the greed [5]” of public school teachers; the show needed a guest who could add context to Fox News pundit clips [5] in which financial sector workers earning $250,000 a year could barely pay their mortgages, but teachers earning $50,000 a year with benefits were overpaid. Ravitch-a surprising, prominent, conservative voice in the education debate-didn’t disappoint. Between Stewart and Ravitch, the resulting Daily Show segment [4] delivers a stinging rebuke to those who’d strip public school teachers of their collective bargaining rights.

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