Arizonans, say NO to the repeal of Clean Elections!

From Karen Zielaski:

Remember: If you live outside the greater Phoenix metro area, you can call 1-800-352-8404 to reach the offices of your members of the Arizona legislature!


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From: “Common Cause”
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Say NO to the Clean Elections repeal!

Dear Friend,

In 1998, Arizona voters approved Clean Elections at the ballot, and it has remained a popular and successful program since then. But the program isn’t popular with one group: wealthy corporate and special interests, who lost their stranglehold on the agenda at the Capitol because of Clean Elections. And with the blessing of their enablers in the Senate, they are waging a devious effort to the kill Clean Elections law.

The State Senate approved the Clean Elections repeal ballot measure and it’s up to us to stop it in the House. We need to keep elections about voters, not return power to wealthy interests.

Please call (602) 926-5170 and urge Rep. John Kavanagh to vote “NO” on SCR 1025, the ballot referendum to repeal Clean Elections.

SCR 1025, which would be slated for the ballot in 2012, would effectively end Clean Elections in Arizona by barring the use of “public funds” for candidate campaigns. The legislation doesn’t mention Clean Elections in an obvious attempt to dupe Arizona voters into repealing the successful program.

Call (602) 926-5170 and tell your State Representative to vote “NO” on SCR 1025.

The vote in the House is coming soon. Please take action today!

Thanks for all that you do.


Karen Hobert Flynn
and the rest of the team at Common Cause

P.S. If you prefer to send an email instead of making a phone call, you can do so at

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