“Arab spring” endangered by the West’s attacks on Libya

Libya intervention threatens the Arab spring

Despite its official UN-granted legality, the credibility of Western military action in Libya
is rapidly dwindling.

By Phyllis Bennis

Ironically, one of the reasons many people supported
the call for a no-fly zone was the fear that if Gaddafi
managed to crush the Libyan people’s uprising and
remain in power, it would send a devastating message to
other Arab dictators: Use enough military force and you
will keep your job.

Instead, it turns out that just the opposite may be the
result: It was after the UN passed its no-fly zone and
use-of-force resolution, and just as US, British,
French and other warplanes and warships launched their
attacks against Libya, that other Arab regimes
escalated their crack-down on their own democratic

In Yemen, 52 unarmed protesters were killed and more
than 200 wounded on Friday by forces of the US-backed
and US-armed government of Ali Abdullah Saleh. It was
the bloodiest day of the month-long Yemeni uprising.
President Obama “strongly condemned” the attacks and
called on Saleh to “allow demonstrations to take place

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