Andrew Cuomo also has a big Koch problem

No doubt that’s why, with NY broke, he’s urging tax cuts for the rich.


From Cliff Weathers:


Here’s some information that I’m working on about the Kochs and their donations to Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaign.

The blogger (below) claims that the Kochs donated a total sum of $92,000–roughly twice
what they gave Scott Walker. While I have not been able to confirm that figure, there’s no
doubt that the Kochs–Koch Industries; the brothers David, Charles and William Koch,
and their sister Julia–are huge Cuomo donors.

I also didn’t know, until I looked into it, that the Kochs maintain a residence in Wichita.

Click this link from the NY Board of Elections.

David and Julia Koch biographical information:

Original blog I found the information on:

Cliff Weathers

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