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In an effort to both to build community and keep our operations going, News from Underground will now take advertising. Such placement will be unobtrusive, so that the ads take nothing from our readers’ pleasure.

In fact, our aim is to provide you with new opportunities to reach those who love what they find on NFU.

And so we turn to you. Would you like to advertise your product or service on News from Underground? Our visitors are avid readers/viewers/listeners/activists, so here’s a perfect place for you to advertise new books, DVDs, blogs, events, etc. Thanks to our niche audience, we average just over 1000 pages views per day–and we’re always growing.

As an introductory offer, we will take 50% off the purchase of a 125×125 button ad (top right of – just use the coupon code: underground

Thanks–and as always, feedback is most welcome.

Team MCM

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