4th strange “suicide” this year in Karl Rove’s Alabama

Another “Suicide” Darkens the Political Landscape in Karl Rove’s Alabama
by Roger Shuler

Charles “Bubba” Major

For the fourth time in roughly a year, a person with ties to Alabama’s corporate/political elites has committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. This time, the deceased had family ties to a man who committed a most public “suicide” in March 2010.

Charles “Bubba” Major died on Monday at age 59, and his funeral will be at 3 p.m. today at Mountain Brook Baptist Church. Bubba Major was a first cousin of prominent Birmingham attorney Major Bashinsky, whose body was found floating in a golf-course pond last March and later was ruled a suicide, afinding we have reported is dubious, at best.

Bubba Major was quoted publicly as saying the story of Major Bashinsky’s death did not add up. Now, sources are telling Legal Schnauzer this morning that Bubba Major’s death has been ruled a suicide–and that has been confirmed with today’s post from goodmorningfloridakeys.com, a blog written by Sloan Bashinsky Jr., Major’s older brother.

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