Will the US press report US Uncut?

UK Uncut targets banks as copycat group forms in America
Anti-tax avoidance organisation aims to bring 30 Barclays branches to a standstill while US Uncut plans own demonstrations

by Matthew Taylor

Hundreds of protesters are expected to occupy banks around the country amid signs the direct action movement that has shut more than 100 high street stores in the UK is spreading to the US.

Activists from UK Uncut, a campaign group set up five months ago to oppose government cuts and corporate tax avoidance, will stage their first national day of action against the banks on Saturday with protesters expected to bring more than 30 high street branches of Barclays to a standstill.

The group has previously targeted companies accused of avoiding millions of pounds in tax. The demonstrations come as it emerged that protesters in the US have formed a copy cat group, US Uncut.

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