Will Apple be censoring books, too?

Will Apple Be Censoring Books, Too?
By Matt Buchanan

We think of Apple as a lot of things. Makers od iPods, iPhones and iPads. Purveyor of music, videos and apps.

But how do we feel about Apple as a publisher?

OK, so Apple isn’t a publisher in the most traditional sense, but it is very much in the business these days. Apple’s heavy promotion of News Corp.’s iPad-only don’t-call-it-a-newspaper, the Daily is a testament to that. It’s not only taking a cut of the sales, but of the subscriptions-30 percent, though News Corp. hopes they can negotiate it down after a year. This long-awaited (and contested) subscription service that’s currently exclusive to The Daily is expected to be open to every publisher soon, allowing iPad readers to legitimately subscribe to their favorite newspapers and magazines, rather than purchase them on an issue-by-issue basis.

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