Who’s funding the “stings” at Planned Parenthood?

The Right-Wing Dough Supporting the Sicko ‘Stings’ at Planned Parenthood
By Adele M. Stan

On a conference call with bloggers convened by Media Matters for America with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Vice President Stewart Schear, I got a little lead into where Lila Rose, who leads the right-wing sting group Live Action, gets some of her funding. Quite a rogues’ gallery, it would seem.

Rose, you’ll recall, has been going “undercover” to Planned Parenthood clinics for years, often posing as an underage client, and taking video with a concealed camera. Her avowed purpose is to put Planned Parenthood out of business. This week, Rose made news when a video gleaned from a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic revealed an employee advising a Live Action operative, posing as a pimp, on how to bend the rules for under-age sex-workers should they seek to have an abortion. The employee was promptly fired by Planned Parenthood. A Live Action video released days later of an interaction in a Virginia Planned Parenthood clinic revealed an employee acting appropriately, despite Live Action’s claims to the contrary.

In response to my question about Live Action’s funding, Schear said that Lila Rose’s anti-choice activism began with a grant from Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, which has been training young right-wingers for leadership roles for more than 30 years. The grant funded Rose’s newspaper, The Advocate, which she still publishes. I recently attended one of the Institute’s breakfast meetings with news-makers; the speaker was Tim Phillips, president of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the astroturf group founded and chaired by David Koch. Phillips, you see, is a graduate of the Institute, as are many right-wing luminaries.

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