When he conspired with “David Koch,” did Walker break the law?

Did Gov. Scott Walker Break the Law During Prank Call?
By Andy Kroll

Did Wisconsin Scott Walker break the law during his phone conversation with a prank caller posing as right-wing billionaire David Koch? At least one campaign finance watchdog, the Public Campaign Action Fund, is exploring whether Walker violated a ban against political coordination in Wisconsin.

Walker believed he was speaking to Koch who-along with his brother, Charles Koch-is among the richest men in the US and major funders of dozens of right-wing groups. The political action committee of Koch Industries, the brothers’ business empire, was a top donor to Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. In reality, though, Walker was actually speaking with Ian Murphy, a self-described gonzo journalist and editor of the Buffalo Beast. The prank has stirred up a major national controversy, with critics crying foul over Walker’s comments to the faux “David Koch.”

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3 thoughts on “When he conspired with “David Koch,” did Walker break the law?”

  1. I am sure that the voters in Wisconsin, as well as many members of the legislature, will be seeking an answer to this very question. Walker seems to leave trouble wherever he goes. When he pulled a similar stunt at the County level, the courts decided that the County had acted illegally. The taxpayers were left paying out the settlement. Think that Walker picked the wrong people to do this to. The people of Wisconsin have always been among the first in the country to stand up for the rights of employees.

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