What happened in Allentown could happen in NY and NJ (and elsewhere)

From Stephanie Low (to the New York Times):

To the Editor:

As a Manhattan resident and one of the 300-some Interveners in the
Spectra 40-inch pipeline project being considered by FERC, I was
frightened to read of the major gas explosion in Allentown, PA, where
there is a rising count of dead and injured from only a “12-inch
low-pressure main” leak. The Spectra gas line runs through Jersey
City, Staten Island and emerges in lower Manhattan, some of the most
densely populated areas in the country. Similar explosions in
California and Philadelphia, killing a total of nine, do little to
relieve my anxiety about a potential explosion in New York City,
where the pipeline would be a terrorist target and a likely
opportunity for ‘human error.”

There are many reasons why we do not need this proposed pipeline
allowing billions of cubic feet of natural gas (methane), mined at
terrible cost to our national environment and public health, to be
shipped off to foreign ports, but the enormous profits the natural
gas industry would reap from the project may carry the day. That is,
unless letters such as this arouse an unknowing populace to the great
risks this project places on our city and our lives.

Stephanie Low
Member of Gas Drilling Task Force, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter
Member of National Hydrofracking Team, Sierra Club
Chair, Legislative/Political Committee, NY-H2O

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