What got Walker into office? Was it the people of Wisconsin, or ELECTION FRAUD?

Priebus’ Republican National Committee:

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Koch’s Americans for Prosperity?
The new RNC chair Reince Priebus, implicated in Americans for Prosperity’s voter-caging scandal, carried a lot of water for the Koch-led group in Wisconsin. Now he’s rewarded.

AlterNet | By Adele M. Stan

To the casual political observer, Reince Priebus, the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, seemed to come out of nowhere. But to Wisconsin progressives, Priebus is known as the state Republican Party operative who allegedly tried to suppress the votes of minorities and students in both the recent midterm congressional elections and the 2008 presidential election — in apparent coordination with David Koch’s Americans For Prosperity.

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2 replies on “What got Walker into office? Was it the people of Wisconsin, or ELECTION FRAUD?”

Please, feel free to talk about anything regarding politics and american foreign policy.

Just don’t mention any facts concerning 9/11 or the current state of american “elections.”


Exactly. That’s all “conspiracy theory,” however hard and copious the evidence. (Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is free to air his groundless and inflammatory fantasies day after day on national TV and radio, but few dare call _that_ jive “conspiracy theory.”)

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