Walker whacked Milwaukee workers, hired Wackenhut at taxpayers’ expense

Walker Whacks Wisconsin Taxpayers With Bill for Wackenhut After Illegally Asserting Powers

BuzzFlash has been writing a series of articles exposing the Manchurian candidate that Scott Walker is, a man who costs taxpayers more than he saves, and whose goal is to be the errand master for his rich funders for crushing unions and privatizing public property in fire sales.

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for uncovering just one in many of Walker’s wasteful stunts that left the taxpayers paying the bill. In essence, Maddow charges that Walker — the then executive of the Milwaukee County Board — did what he is doing now: claiming a fiscal emergency and taking action detrimental to people who pick up the tab; that is you and me.

It involves an unsavory private security company, Wackenhut, that Greg Palast has exposed as an infamous union busting, low wage, low quality favorite of Republican privatizers (not to mention some Democrats too).

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  1. Katie

    February 23, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Rachel Maddow’s excellent expose on the Wackenhut “butt vodka guys” company can be viewed here:

    for some reason MSNBC has taken down the Feb 21st show in which she did the “butt vodka guys” segment.

    She includes photos from a Wackenhut party in Afghanistan during which employees are seen wearing nothing but coconut bras and coconut shell loin coverings and vodka being drunk from various orifices.

    I also noticed that MSNBC has relocated her webpage so that its just before the ed shulz show on the far upper right hand corner instead of it being up near the middle where it used to be.



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    February 23, 2011 at 4:02 pm

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