The Pentagon Papers that Rumsfeld wants you NOT to see

The Pentagon Papers Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Want You to See
by John Cook

When Donald Rumsfeld released his memoir Known and Unknown, he made a big deal out of putting thousands of documents from his archives online in a sop to transparency and accuracy. But he didn’t put them all online. And we’ve found some of the papers that Rumsfeld would have preferred to toss down the memory hole.

The Rumsfeld Papers web site, which launched earlier this month as a complement to the memoir, is a collection of Rumsfeld’s memos, speeches, and other documents going back to his days as an undergraduate at Princeton in the 1950s. The idea, according to a researcher he hired for the project, “to get more information in people’s hands” because “he really thinks the free flow of information is critical to a vibrant democracy.” Rumsfeld himself compared the digital archive to a sort of legit version of Wikileaks.

More power to him! Except Rumsfeld, of course, only posted the information that he wanted to flow freely. The other stuff-like his callous attempts to keep John Walker Lindh from getting speedy trial, his effort to whitewash the Pentagon’s detainee policy, and the friendly op-eds he tried to plant in newspapers-he left out. Luckily, we were able to get a hold of some of the papers from his days as defense secretary that Rumsfeld reviewed and deliberately withheld from the archive.

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