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Thank Wisconsin’s courageous state senators who have joined with protesters to block the Republican attack on public employees.

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Dear Mark,

Amazing. Inspiring. This is what people power can do.

When Republican Governor Scott Walker attacked state workers and threatened to call out the National Guard if they protested, it sparked a popular uprising in Wisconsin. And now the extreme proposal to take collective bargaining rights away from public employees is temporarily blocked as a result of mass protests.

Tens of thousands of people – including members of CREDO Action – have been out in the streets and in the Rotunda in Madison, Wisconsin. Students and citizens are protesting in solidarity with nurses, teachers and workers.

And the people are not alone. Instead of caving to the opposition, their elected representatives are fighting with them. In fact, Democratic state senators boldly left the state in order to deny Republicans the quorum they need to pass Governor Walker’s radical anti-worker, anti-union bill. As long as every Democratic state senator refuses to go to the capitol, a vote cannot be held.

Wisconsin state Senator Chris Larson, who is one of the senators in hiding, laid out the stakes in an open letter and asked for our support:
The ability to organize and get fair treatment are qualities that built our country… If this bill moves forward in Wisconsin, rights in all America we have grown to take for granted will no longer be so reliable… If this passes here, it will pass in your state… It is an unprecedented attack on workers, their communities and our tradition of working with labor to move our state forward… I am seeking your support for the fight ahead of us.
Larson, and his fellow Democratic senators, are literally working to evade capture by state police in order to prevent this radical attack on public workers. He’s asked for our support.

Too often our elected representatives refuse to lead. But Wisconsin is proving that big things can happen when our elected officials work together with committed activists and fight back.

All 14 Democratic state senators are holed up outside the reach of the State Troopers who are working on orders of the Governor to forcibly return them to the capitol. If even one Democratic state senator is returned to the capitol, Republicans will be able to pass Gov. Walker’s bill. Not only that, but Republicans are organizing recall efforts to throw them out of office. The Wisconsin 14 need to hear encouragement from progressives nationwide. Let’s show them resounding support for their actions.

Our teachers, nurses and other public workers wouldn’t have the chance to fight for their rights without the bravery of these Wisconsin state senators. I’m proud to have grown up in Wisconsin. I received an excellent education from its public schools and was raised in a working-class community that valued the contributions of every citizen. Wisconsin would not be the great state it is without the work of thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to public service.

Thank you for taking action in solidarity with the uprising in Wisconsin.

Mark Anthony Dingbaum, Campaign Manager

P.S.: SEIU has a list of solidarity actions planned for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in 21 states. For a list of actions compiled by SEIU and to RSVP, click here.

P.P.S.: Special thanks to the worker who took our order Saturday afternoon at Ian’s Pizza on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. When we asked if he could deliver pizzas to the protesters on behalf of CREDO Action members, he replied, “Hell, yeah!”


  1. John P. Garry

    February 21, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks for posting this, Prof. Miller!

    John P. Garry III
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. Rob Marquardt

    March 2, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Instead of wasting thousands of people’s time, those who oppose this need to prove they care about Wisconsin, get with the program and give their best to make Wisconsin a success.

    The majority of us want to try this so let’s give it our best and let history prove whether it will work or not.

    IMHO those against this are afraid it will work and they will lose positions of power.

    If they really thought it wouldn’t work all they have to do is wait and let the pendulum swing back, then the Democrats can take over again and let the good times roll.

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