Scott Walker’s pants are burning! (“Collective bargaining is fully intact,” he lies.)

Scott Walker’s Pants Are on Fire for Lying About Union Busting and Collective Bargaining


Next time you see some news footage of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, check out the flames coming from his pants on fire.

That’s because the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (MJS) examined Walker’s recent mind-boggling claim that “collective bargaining is fully intact” in his legislation that has drawn as many as 70,000 pro-union protesters to Madison. And what the MJS found was that Walker flunked the truth-o-meter test.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s pants are burning! (“Collective bargaining is fully intact,” he lies.)”

  1. Unions are the last thing standing between the serf/lord economy the Republicans would like to bring back and the America we’ve gotten comfortable with since FDR.

    Republicans generally see themselves sittin’ on their verandas, sippin’ mint juleps and watching their field-hand serfs work their fields down below.

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