Journalists “beaten like hell” by pro-Mubarak mobs


Jimmy Carter sued for “fraud” over his book on Israel/Palestine

Jimmy Carter target of malicious lawsuit for authoring Palestine: Peace not Apartheid

Jimmy Carter has long been the target of what MJ Rosenberg calls “the Status Quo Lobby” (he’s right to deny them the “pro-Israel” label).

Now an enterprising attorney has filed a class-action suit against the former president — and publisher Simon and Shuster — that can only be seen as an ideologically-driven nuisance lawsuit.

From Tablet:

Yesterday, a class action (download here) was filed in Manhattan federal court accusing Jimmy Carter and Simon & Schuster of consumer fraud for the former president’s 2006 book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. It alleges that the author and publisher marketed the book as a totally factual account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in part based on the credibility of a former president and key character in the history, but that the book actually contains “demonstrable falsehoods, omissions, and knowing misrepresentations designed to promote Carter’s agenda of anti-Israel propaganda.”

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Project Censored Annual Awards: Top 25 MOST CENSORED stories!

Project Censored Annual Awards – Top 25 Stories: 2009-2010
& Censored 2011 Book Celebration

Saturday, February 5, 2:30-9pm, Berkeley!

Please join the Project Censored team celebrating their 35th year and release of Censored 2011 book! Project Censored and Media Freedom Foundation Board members and student interns are gathering to acknowledge our collaborative work and past year’s top stories.

There will be a full day of events beginning with afternoon panels including the ongoing Truth Emergency with Peter Phillips, Mickey Huff, Cynthia Boaz, Robert Abele and other Project Censored authors and award winners; the Fair Share of the Common Heritage discussion with Kenn Burrows, James Boyce, Clifford Cobb, and Dorothy Andersen; followed by a reception with Censored 2011 authors and award winners; and an evening of celebrations emceed by Berkeley’s Nora Barrows-Friedman, investigative journalist, with keynote by Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance. Music provided by Vic Sadot and Kevin Glaz. * The Fair Share of the Common Heritage Award in Honor of Alfred F. Andersen.

Location: Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists @1924 Cedar (at Bonita), Berkeley, CA.

Schedule of the Day’s Events:

– 2:30-3:45 P.M- Truth Emergency Panel (Fireside Room, BFUU on Bonita, not wheel chair accessible) – free to the public

– 4-5:30 P.M- Fair Share of the Common Heritage Discussion (Fireside Room) – free to the public

* Note: the evening events beginning at 6 P.M. are sliding scale $5-20, no one turned away for lack of funds.

– 6-7 P.M.- Reception/Light Fare/Socializing/Music (iBFUU main hall, corner of Cedar and Bonita, is wheel chair accessible)

-7-9 P.M.- Project Censored Award Celebration – 7:15-9 P.M. (BFUU main hall, same as Reception), Emceed by Nora Barrows-Friedman, with Keynote: Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance, Project Censored authors, and more…

Come for part of the program or come for all!

Help celebrate media democracy in action with Project Censored!

Co-sponsored by Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation, BFUU Social Justice Committee, Flashpoints at KPFA, No Lies Radio (streaming the evening events live at, Media Alliance, Seven Stories Press, and Justice in Nigeria Now.



Neocons rip into Mohamed ElBaradei (again)

Neocons Attack Egyptian Dissident Mohamed ElBaradei, Again
Ari Berman | January 31, 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has recently emerged as a leading figure in the Egyptian pro-democracy movement [1] and a credible alternative to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

ElBaradei’s emergence has angered pro-Mubarak neoconservatives, such as Malcolm Hoenlein [2], executive vide president of the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, which is closely aligned with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. “There is a myth being created that ElBaradei is a human rights activist,” Hoenlein told an Orthodox Jewish website on Sunday. “He is a stooge of Iran, and I don’t use the term lightly. When he was the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, for which he got a Nobel Peace Prize, he fronted for them, he distorted the reports.”

Hysterical rhetoric about ElBaradei is nothing new. The same people who were wrong about Iraq’s nonexistent WMD program are once again trying to distort his work, this time as a prominent dissident in Egypt.

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7 foods that you should never eat

7 Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips
Is your food loaded with toxins and chemicals? Here, simple swaps to protect yourself
By Anne Underwood

1. Canned Tomatoes

Fredrick Vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A, gives us the scoop:

The problem: The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to ailments ranging from reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Unfortunately, acidity (a prominent characteristic of tomatoes) causes BPA to leach into your food. Studies show that the BPA in most people’s body exceeds the amount that suppresses sperm production or causes chromosomal damage to the eggs of animals. “You can get 50 mcg of BPA per liter out of a tomato can, and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young,” says vom Saal. “I won’t go near canned tomatoes.”

The solution: Choose tomatoes in glass bottles (which do not need resin linings), such as the brands Bionaturae and Coluccio. You can also get several types in Tetra Pak boxes, like Trader Joe’s and Pomi.

Budget tip: If your recipe allows, substitute bottled pasta sauce for canned tomatoes. Look for pasta sauces with low sodium and few added ingredients, or you may have to adjust the recipe.

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Amnesty asks UK government to stop Bradley Manning’s torture

Bradley Manning is UK citizen and needs protection, government told
Amnesty International asks government to intervene on behalf of soldier suspected of having passed US secrets to WikiLeaks
Ed Pilkington in New York, Chris McGreal in Washington and Steven Morris

The British government is under pressure to take up the case of Bradley Manning, the soldier being held in a maximum security military prison in Virginia on suspicion of having passed a massive trove of US state secrets to WikiLeaks, on the grounds that he is a UK citizen.

Amnesty International tonight called on the government to intervene on Manning’s behalf and demand that the conditions of his detention, which the organisation calls “harsh and punitive”, are in line with international standards.

Amnesty’s UK director, Kate Allen, said: “His Welsh parentage means the UK government should demand his ‘maximum custody’ status does not impair his ability to defend himself, and we would also like to see Foreign Office officials visiting him just as they would any other British person detained overseas and potentially facing trial on very serious charges.”

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US inequality is more severe than Egypt’s

The F Word: Inequality Drives Egyptians to Streets, But Ours Worse
By Laura Flanders

It’s amazing what inequality can drive people to, eventually.
Just look at Egypt.

‘These big guys are stealing all the money,’ one 24-year-old
textile worker standing at his second job as a fruit peddler
told a reporter [1] this weekend. “People are desperate.’

“I wish we could be like the United States with a democracy,
but we cannot,” said another.

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Florida bar attacks rights of citizen journalists

From Mark A. Adams:

Attorneys Attack Rights of Citizen Journalists

The Florida Bar has proposed a new rule to eliminate coverage of court proceedings by citizen journalists. The Bar’s proposed rule prohibits anyone other than an employee of a traditional media outlet or an official court reporter from using any device which can make video or audio recording from being brought into a court including laptop computers.

Check out the article and spread the news.

Please note that if you want to object to this rule, the objection must be emailed in to the attorneys at the Bar by the end of the day on Feb. 1, 2011. Their email addresses are in the article along with a suggested comment.

Carpe diem,

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

P.S. Since some of you may not know of my work, there’s a 3 minute video about some of it at Also, I’m one of the featured writers on The Daily Censored which is a news blog affiliated with the premier media watchdog organization, Project Censored. See for more about my work.