Olbermann’s departure tells us something–and it isn’t good

Olbermann’s Disturbing Departure
By Franklin L. Johnson

Editor’s Note: When George W. Bush was at the swaggering height of his power, there were few voices in the major U.S. news media who dared to take him on, especially among the high-paid TV news personalities. One exception was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

That is why Olbermann’s sudden ouster from his Countdown program last month was so stunning – and why it portends a less pugnacious response from American liberals to the new surge in right-wing political power, as Franklin L. Johnson notes in this guest essay:

On Friday evening, Jan. 21, after reading a short story by James Thurber, titled The Scotty Who Knew Too Much, Keith Olbermann abruptly closed his program by informing his viewers it would be his last. This out-of-the-blue exit will go down in broadcast history as one of the most bizarre.

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