In defense of football: A reply to Kevin Powell (Christine Summer)

A ressponse by Christine Summer to Kevin Powell’s The Super Bowl and violence against women:

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Re: News from Underground article written by Kevin Powell
From: Christine Summer

I grew up in western Pennsylvania during the era that the Pittsburgh Steelers won a (then) unprecedented four Super Bowl championships. It was the era of Rocky Bleier, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Greene, Franco Harris, L.C. Greenwood, Mel Blount, Jack Lambert, to name only a few – none of whom were ever accused of sexual assault or rape. (Lambert was particularly known to be scrapper on the field, btw)

At the moment I am seeing RED and steam is coming out of my ears because of Kevin Powell’s article, which is hemorrhaging with FLAWED reasoning.

I do not have time to address Mr. Powell’s observations in depth right now. It is, after all, Super Bowl Sunday and my team – the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing today.

Except to point out the OBVIOUS:

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN -> AND WARS STARTED BY MEN <- DID NOT, REPEAT NOT HAVE THEIR GENESIS BECAUSE THE GAME OF FOOTBALL WAS DEVISED. Mr. Powell has his own utterly personal character flaws to blame – and NOT the fact that he played football as a youth – for his assault on an ex-girlfriend twenty years ago. “Well, shucks, it’s football, ya know. I played football when I was a kid. So of course I had to slam my live-in girlfriend around.” To Mr. Powell: ->> PLEASE apologize for insulting my intelligence, you DUNCE. It might be more convincing (and a little less cowardly) to cop to a temporary insanity plea.

How simplistic can Mr. Powell be?? If he only had a brain…Where to begin?

My father was a star football player in his youth, when he was an engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. My Dad excelled at almost every sport, including football, baseball, basketball and track.

And guess what?

My father NEVER assaulted my mother or any other female in his entire LIFE. I am the youngest of his four daughters. He was NOT a violent man. He was a gentleman, a wonderful father, and a faithful husband to my mother.

Keep in mind that he was a STAR collegiate football player, featured on the front page of the Pittsburgh Press’ sports section, an article accompanied with a sketch drawing of him in uniform running with a football, headlined:

“Tough Tartan to Tackle”.

My emphasis on this is to point out that my Dad played football a LOT.

(ok, and to brag about his talent, too)

I urge Mr. Powell to investigate some history of professional sports to learn that there was a time, an era, when some of the most talented professional athletes were genuine ROLE MODELS, exemplary gentlemen, and humanitarians.

For an example: Honus Wagner

There are innumerable factors that influence and impact children (male and female) and social mores. Ask any historian.

->> Is this hard to understand??

I personally rush to point the finger at RAP “music”, for one example, because it is relentlessly repetitive noise that REEKS of woman-hatred and misanthropy.

I point the finger also at PORNOGRAPHY, for another example, which, due to the Internet and ancillary other factors, GENERATES MORE MONEY FOR ORGANIZED CRIME AND MEN – MEN – THAN ALL PROFESSIONAL SPORTS COMBINED.


(Check it out, Dunce-Boy Powell. You are purportedly a journalist, right?)

I have to stop now to prepare for my guests for the Super Bowl. But I am not through with this subject, and I won’t let it go.

And Mr. Crispin Miller, I encourage you to allow an alternative point of view to post on this topic on NFU, having already supplied so generous an audience for Mr. Powell’s gee-willikers-heart-felt FLAWED commentary.

Someone – please – spoon feed Mr. Powell the FACT that Ben Roethlisberger is not responsible for the VIOLENCE that men in power (and not in power) commit.

Christine Summer

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You can pile anecdotes upon anecdotes of what a wonderful guy, say, Cheney is, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Kevin Powell merely points to the idea that when we watch the Superbowl, we might also be watching a few rapists. And watching them go free. And watching them walk home filthy rich. And most people might begin to respect them because they were born fast and heavy and because they’re filthy rich, and most people might forget the rapes a few of them have committed.

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