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Dear Mark,
I am writing to update you on two projects and the federal budget.

1. I serve as spokesperson for, in the last week a major story has broken as Anonymous hacked into the computer system of a private security firm, HBGary, which has also been used to target WikiLeaks, and published tens of thousands of the firms emails.  The emails showed that HBGary and two other security firms were working with the law firm Hutton & Williams which represents the Chamber of Commerce to attack,  Bank of America, coal, nuclear, oil and other major corporate interests. We are fighting back.  I’ve written the FBI and we are talking with legal counsel about possible civil litigation and next week we will be filing bar complaints against Hutton & Williams lawyers.

The fact that the Chamber of Commerce-the largest corporate lobby firm in Washington, DC-targeted our project is a sign of the impact we are having on challenging their questionable electoral and lobbying practices which on their face violate federal election law.  We are continuing to pursue these prima facie violations to prevent them from occurring in future elections. To listen to a recent radio show on this scandal click here.  Join us in seeking an investigation of the Chamber of Commerce and its co-conspirators by clicking here.

2. I have filed bar complaints against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and we have urged the Justice Department to investigate him and for the Congress to hold hearings on his serious ethical lapses. The initial complaint was two decades of filing false financial disclosure forms that did not report hundreds of thousands of dollars earned by his wife from the pro-corporate Heritage Foundation. The most recent addition to our complaint concerned a direct conflict of interest in the Citizens United case – the case which ruled corporations could spend as much money as they wanted to on elections.  Thomas should have recused himself because during his nomination battle, Citizens United spent $100,000 on advertising campaign attacking senators who opposed Thomas.  Our other complaint about Thomas is filing 20 years of false financial disclosure forms.  The form is a simple one and the question Thomas failed to answer merely asked for spousal income.  His wife, a conservative activist, made nearly $700,000 working with the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups.  Lawyers with cases before the court should have known this so they could have asked him to recuse himself in cases where the Heritage Foundation had an interest.  Here is the write-up of an interview I did on Clarence Thomas. If you want to join in seeking a Justice Department investigation, click here to sign a petition.
3. President Obama has put forward his budget to Congress.  He seeks to cut $1 trillion in spending over the next ten years.  Unfortunately, rather than focusing on the biggest item in the discretionary budget, security funding –  including the military, domestic security and intelligence which makes up 66% of federal discretionary spending – he is cutting essential programs for Americans.  In this article, The Security Budget vs. the Necessities of Americans, I describe how the $1 trillion in cuts he seeks could have been taken out of the military and not undermine national security, still leaving the U.S. the strongest nation in the world.  Further, I examine the long history of spending on the military economy and how it has undermined the civilian economy since President Eisenhower warned the country about the military-industrial complex fifty years ago.  If you would like to write Obama and your representatives in
As you can see we are doing a lot.   Indeed, the above updates are not all Prosperity Agenda is working on.  We continue to work on health and financial reform as well as other issues.  We need your financial support to continue our work.  Please click here to make a donation now.
Thank you for your support.
Kevin Zeese
Executive Director
Prosperity Agenda

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