Glenn Beck channels Joseph Goebbels (So who gets fired? Keith Olbermann!)

Glenn Beck’s brutal, hateful routine
by Dana Milbank

WASHINGTON – After MSNBC let Keith Olbermann go, Glenn Beck couldn’t resist celebrating. “Keith Olbermann is the biggest pain in the ass in the world,” he judged.

But Olbermann’s departure really should give Beck pause: At a time when political speech is coming under new scrutiny, how much longer can Beck’s brutal routine continue at Fox News?

The latest omen of Beck’s end times came on Thursday – Holocaust Remembrance Day – when 400 rabbis representing all four branches of American Judaism took out an ad demanding that Beck be sanctioned for what quotations in the ad called his “monstrous” and “beyond repugnant” use of anti-Semitic imagery in going after Holocaust survivor George Soros.

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck channels Joseph Goebbels (So who gets fired? Keith Olbermann!)”

  1. Glenn Beck has mental issues, obviously. His pretentious chalkboard, the pointer he uses, his pretend teacher affect, all suggest the man has grandiose ideas about his own importance. First, that he is the Teacher of America. Second, that he is The Nation’s Teacher of Religion. His words are chosen with care and he apparently thinks that extended pauses between his key words will lend more credence to whatever he says. Finally, his blatant narcissism even suggests that he believes that he is The Nation’s Great Savior. Too bad so many believe this buffoon and his rants. He is dangerous because he has so many blind, dazed followers. If he is anything, he is The Nation’s Cult Leader, much like Jim Jones and David Koresh.

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