Fox freaks out over protests in Wisconsin

Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Union Protests In Wisconsin
February 17, 2011 11:15 am ET

Responding to Wisconsin state workers’ protests against Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) proposed legislation that would strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights, right-wing media have characterized the protests as “riots” and “uprisings” and attacked the protesters as “thugs” who could “get violent.”

Beck Characterizes Union Protests As “Riots” And “Uprisings.” On the February 16 edition of his radio show, Glenn Beck stated of union protests: “You are about to see this president start embracing the uprisings in this country. You are going to see him embrace the teachers unions and all of the unions that are marching on the streets.” Beck later characterized the protests as “riots in the streets.” [Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program, 2/16/11]

Beck Cites WI Protests To Claim That “Evil [Is] Spreading Around The Globe.” On the February 16 edition of his Fox News show, Beck stated that protests in Madison, WI, as well as in the Middle East and Mexico are part of “evil spreading around the globe.” [Fox News’ Glenn Beck, 2/16/11]

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3 replies on “Fox freaks out over protests in Wisconsin”

Unions and their employees are SO frightening! They believe in worker’s riights. Pretty scary concept, isn’t it? Fox needs to go away. I had made a New Year’s resolution that I would promise to watch Fox for an hour each day, that way I would be more well-informed and be able to actually see the methods they use to convince people that the lies they tell are true. I broke my resolution ten minutes after I started watching Beck. Just could not do it! It made me want to vomit! How do people actually watch that garbage?

Are Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, any of them union members?

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