First ACORN, now Planned Parenthood

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House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funding
Amendment Passes Despite Stunning Personal Testimony From Rep. Jackie Speier

The House of Representatives Friday passed a measure to end federal funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood a day after Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., brought the chamber to stunned silence after describing her own personal experience with abortion.

Friday afternoon, the House passed the amendment by a vote of 240-185. The vote was generally along party lines, with all but seven Republicans voting for the cut, and 10 Democrats voting in favor. One Republican voted present.

The House must still vote for final passage on the underlying spending bill before the cuts head to the Senate for a possible vote later this month.

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4 replies on “First ACORN, now Planned Parenthood”

Next, Unions! Then Democrats won’t have any power to get out the vote. But it appears they don’t care, because they’ve gone corporate, too.

Getting out the vote is ALL the Democrats habitually do—not enough, now that our whole voting system is computerized, and largely in the hands of private companies owned/managed by Republicans.

This is the biggest scandal of them all. (There’s clear evidence, for instance, that the Republicans did NOT win all those midterm victories in Wisconsin—or in PA, or in Illinois.) But the Dems just won’t go there, and neither will the press, including the left/liberal press.

Until we finally start to talk about that problem (AS WELL AS campaign finance), we’re really not going anywhere (at least as a a democracy).

Dear Mark,

It is becoming more and more difficult to stand up for Democrats and our traditional causes, because the leaders of our party are anemic. We are the little guys and feel like we are the only ones fighting. I, for one, am getting tired. I have long believed that the companies that supply, maintain and control the voting machines have the ability to tamper with election results. Without a paper trail…

Thank you for what you do every single day! Surprised Glenn Beck has not come after you, or am I misinformed?

Jillian Barclay

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