Case against Assange is going nowhere

Assange Probe Hits Snag
Inquiry Suggests WikiLeaks Founder Didn’t Induce Soldier to Leak Documents

U.S. investigators have been unable to uncover evidence that WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange induced an Army private to leak government documents
to his website, according to officials familiar with the matter.

New findings suggest Pfc. Bradley Manning, the intelligence analyst accused
of handing over the data to the WikiLeaks website, initiated the theft
himself, officials said. That contrasts with the initial portrait provided
by Defense Department officials of a young man taken advantage of by Mr.

Further denting the push by some government officials to prosecute Mr.
Assange, the probes have found little to link the two men, though others
affiliated with WikiLeaks have been tied to Pfc. Manning, officials said.

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