By 62%, workers trouncing Walker in opinion polls! (So WAS he actually elected?) (2 items)

New GQR Polls: Wisconsin Voters Diss Walker’s Mess

Evan McMorris-Santoro’s report at TPM on new polls of
Wisconsin voters, conducted by GQR Research for the
AFL-CIO 2/16-20 should give the demonstrators some
encouragement in their struggle against Gov. Walker’s
union-busting. McMorris-Santorro explains,

Sixty-two percent of respondents to the poll said they view public employees favorably, while just 11% said they had an unfavorable view of the workers whose benefits packages Walker says are
breaking the state budget.

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Poll: Walker’s Anti-Union Stance Turning Off Wisconsin Voters

Talking Points Memo
February 21, 2011

Union supporters in Wisconsin are pointing to a new
poll they say shows support for Gov. Scott Walker (R)
is straining under the weight of the thousands of
protesters gathered in and around the state capitol in

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3 thoughts on “By 62%, workers trouncing Walker in opinion polls! (So WAS he actually elected?) (2 items)”

  1. In Walker’s recent speech, he stated he simply doesn’t have the funds to support collective bargaining. What funds? Collective bargaining costs nothing. He did find the funds to give the richest Wisconsinites $140 million in tax cuts- see:
    Union busting at its best, being financed by every conservative in this country. They have done a great job, even convincing firefighters, local police of Wisconsin to endorse and vote for Walker. LISTEN to what candidates say and research what they have done and maybe these Tea People will stop voting against their own better interests.
    This, combined with the GOP war on women, will destroy all of us and create the Great Republican Caliphate!

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