Argentina charges US with trying to smuggle guns, spy equipment into country (2 items)

Argentina accuses US of trying to smuggle weapons into country
Diplomatic row over cargo US claims was intended for training programme further sours already poor relationship

by Ewen MacAskill

Relations between the US and Argentina have deteriorated after Buenos Aires lodged a formal complaint over a US military plane that landed late last week carrying guns, drugs and satellite phones.

The Argentinian government claimed the US was trying to sneak the weapons into the country, though it didn’t offer an explanation of why Washington might want to do this.

The US state department said the consignment was intended for a police training programme in Argentina.

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Argentina Accuses U.S. of Sneaking in Cargo

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Argentina has accused the United States military of trying to bring guns and surveillance equipment into the country under the cover of supplying a police training course, creating the latest diplomatic rift between the countries.

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