Americans are tuning OUT Beck, Rush and all the other far-right blowhards

Is Right-Wing Talk Dying?
by John Avlon

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are losing fans in a key market. John Avlon on why listeners and station managers are sick of anti-Obama tirades-and who bucks the trend.

Here’s another sign that the tide might be turning against the Wingnuts-Glenn Beck’s TV ratings are down 50 percent and major market radio stations are dropping him.

That’s not all-a look at radio ratings shows that hyper-partisan talk has been declining or flat-lining between ’09 and ’10, despite the intensity of the election year. There’s a demand for something different-smart, un-predictable, non-partisan news is gaining market share because it stands out from the pack. And leading industry analysts say there is a market for more independent voices.

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