A list of places that will help to feed the protesters in Madison

From Mary Magnuson:

Mark, here’s a preliminary list of alternatives to Ian’s:

To supply protesters with WATER, contact Capitol Center Foods at 608-255-2616.

To supply protesters with FOOD, contact:

Silver Mine Subs at 608-286-1000
Pizza Di Roma at 608-268-0900
Asian Kitchen at 608-255-0571

To supply protesters with LAUNDRY SERVICES, contact Lazy Bones Laundry and Storage, at 1.877.215.2105.


2 thoughts on “A list of places that will help to feed the protesters in Madison”

  1. On behalf of Lazybones Laundry Service, we’re always happy to serve anyone in need. If the phone line is backed up, you can also make orders online at http://MyLazybones.com

    Just input the address of the capitol, instead of your home address.

    Brien Hopkins
    Lazybones Laundry and Storage Service

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