WikiLeaks gave us a LOT OF TRUTH in 2010 (2 items)

How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010
Posted by Joshua Norman

WikiLeaks has brought to light a series of disturbing insinuations and startling truths in the last year, some earth-shattering, others simply confirmations of our darkest suspicions about the way the world works. Thanks to founder Julian Assange’s legal situation in Sweden (and potentially the United States) as well as his media grandstanding, it is easy to forget how important and interesting some of WikiLeaks’ revelations have been.

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Wikileaks Deserves An Award
By Saul Landau

“Congress shall make no law Å abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” 1st Amendment

US officials routinely declare commitment to a free press – except when someone uses it to reveal unflattering information. Ironically, members of the media critical of Wikileaks also think the government should protect us by not sharing “classified information.” Those two words often alert us to some bureaucrat is covering his ass by barring the public from knowing of a possibly illegal act.

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