Whole Foods condemns USDA’s surrender to Monsanto

Whole Foods condemns USDA’s surrender to Monsanto
USDA Disappoints: No Regulations on GE Alfalfa
by Walter Robb & Margaret Wittenberg, January 28th, 2011

It is difficult to express how disappointed we are by the USDA’s decision to completely deregulate genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa without restrictions. This news means farmers will now be able to plant Roundup Ready GE alfalfa without restrictions, beginning as soon as this spring.

The USDA had been considering two potential decisions on this issue – either full deregulation or deregulation with restrictions. The latter would have set rules to protect non-GE crops from contamination. While Whole Foods Market and other advocates for non-GE and organic foods feel the USDA’s deregulation decision is a setback, we will continue the fight for the protection of non-GE food, as we have ever since genetically engineered crops first appeared in the marketplace.

Whole Foods Market advocated strongly for deregulation with restrictions to preserve the ability of non-GE and organic growers to avoid contamination. It seemed that the USDA was finally recognizing that cross-contamination of GE alfalfa could potentially impact organic and non-GE farmers and consumers, both domestically and for our export markets. In fact, by inviting non-GE industry members to D.C. to discuss this issue, it appeared as though the USDA was acknowledging that organic and non-GE agriculture has the right to not only survive, but to thrive alongside GE agriculture.

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Monsanto has an insider in the White House.
His name is Malcolm D. Jackson.
He is the assistant administrator of the Office of Environmental Information (OEI), also known as the chief information officer (CIO). He is a gatekeeper for all of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) general data and information.
Yes, President Obama nominated a former Monsanto employee to the EPA!

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