URGENT! Egypt has gone dark! Mubarak cuts his people off from Internet, SMS!

Subject: NEWS FROM EGYPT – please spread the word!

Dear friends who work in journalism:

I’m sure you’re all aware of what’s going on in Egypt. The situation is extremely dire, as the government has now cut the country off from SMS and internet service.

Below is a letter an Egyptian friend of mine asked me to pass along to anyone who can get the word to media organizations, so please do what you can.

More information at this link:


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your continued coverage of the protests in Egypt. Several local sources have confirmed that the Egyptian government has completely disabled Short Messaging Service texts and the Internet. We have been unable to reach many of our friends and family via the

Cutting off protesters and the rest of Egypt from all methods of communicating with the outside world is a grave situation. There have already been reports of widespread abuses by the government security offices, and such a media and communication blackout only guarantees that the security forces can do as they please in crushing tomorrow’s protests without threat of exposure to the world.

We implore you to provide live coverage of the protests as they unfold. This is crucial not only in potentially saving lives of Egyptian protesters and policemen, but in also stirring up the opinions of the international community and international leadership to place more pressure on their governments to condemn the actions of the Egyptian government.

Ariel Azoff

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