Ugandan gay activist beaten to death–thanks, in part, to US Christianists

“David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S. evangelicals since 2009.”

Indeed. To get a vivid sense of what American Christianists have done to make that land pure hell for its gay citizens, read Chapter 4 of Jeff Sharlet’s great book C Street: TheFundamentalist Threat to American Democracy.


Ugandan Who Spoke Up for Gays Is Beaten to Death

NAIROBI, Kenya – David Kato knew he was a marked man.

As the most outspoken gay rights advocate in Uganda, a country where homophobia is so severe that Parliament is considering a bill to execute gay people, Mr. Kato had received a stream of death threats, his friends said. A few months ago, a Ugandan newspaper ran an antigay diatribe with Mr. Kato’s picture on the front page under a banner urging, “Hang Them.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Kato was beaten to death with a hammer in his rough-and-tumble neighborhood. Police officials were quick to chalk up the motive to robbery, but members of the small and increasingly besieged gay community in Uganda suspect otherwise.

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