Thousands of dead birds in Arkansas, Louisiana (2 items)

Trauma cited in mysterious Ark. bird kill
By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY

A mysterious event that caused thousands of red-wing blackbirds to rain down from the sky New Year’s Eve in
the Arkansas town of Beebe may have occurred when loud noises or fireworks frightened a flock that roosts in a neighborhood, causing them to fly into buildings and other obstacles, a state ornithologist said.

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Dead birds discovered in Louisiana
by Dege Legg

Like some Hitchcock movie with no score, the mystery of the dead birds has now hit Louisiana. Just a few days after nearly 5,000 dead birds were reported falling from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas on Dec. 31, approximately 500 dead blackbirds and starlings have been found in Pointe Coupee Parish. The red-winged blackbirds – similar to those found in Arkansas – were spotted lying in roads and ditches in the community of Labarre between Morganza and New Roads on Highway 10.

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4 replies on “Thousands of dead birds in Arkansas, Louisiana (2 items)”

I have a feeling that the mystery is related to earth dynamics. Specifically the New Madrid fault line. Earth magnetism messes with bird navigation. Add to that the earthquakes that have been happening and I think we have an answer to the fish deaths and bird deaths.

I also think it is earth related.THere were several earthquakes in arkansas the past few days.Arkansas also has extinct volcanoes.Who knows ,a little hot water and gases would be a likely answer

Mark, that thought occurred to someone I was speaking with yesterday. I suppose it’s possible the oil spill could be related in some fashion. There was all that chemical they dumped into the Gulf, so there’s no telling how that could get cycled into the air.

That’s a good point Ann, about the volcano aspect. That is what I’ve been leaning toward when factoring in the fish deaths too.

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