The long shadow of Patrice Lumumba’s murder

An Assassination’s Long Shadow
By Adam Hochschild

TODAY, millions of people on another continent are
observing the 50th anniversary of an event few
Americans remember, the assassination of Patrice
Lumumba. A slight, goateed man with black, half-framed
glasses, the 35-year-old Lumumba was the first
democratically chosen leader of the vast country,
nearly as large as the United States east of the
Mississippi, now known as the Democratic Republic of

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Patrice Lumumba had a great history in his short life. His comrade, Laurent Kabilla, who led the 1997 revolution, was reportedly assassinated on the 40th anniversary of Lumumba’s assassination. I show that this appears as a purposeful U.S. Intelligence threat timing tactic, as it can be seen in the assassination of MLK on the year anniversary of his official speech against the Vietnam War. Similar tactics were used in the murder of Black Panther national cofounder Huey Newton. Other Panthers, such as Harlem cofounder Lumumba Shakur (formerly part of Malcolm X’s group), took on the great name to continue Patrice’s legacy. This was Tupac Shakur’s mother’s first husband. New Afrikan People’s Organization Chairman Chokwe Lumumba, Tupac’s national lawyer, continued the legacy too. Similar tactics can be found in Tupac’s activist life as chair of the New Afrikan Panthers, and his death as a rap star. see excerpts of the film here:

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