That would-be mass murderer HAILED Glenn Beck as his inspiration!

Brad Friedman adds this crucial point to Stephen Webster’s item re: Beck’s saying, “You’re going to have to shoot [Pelosi et al.] in the head” last June…


Glenn Beck in June 2010: ‘You’re Gonna Have to Shoot Them in the Head’

Would-be assassin Byron Williams referred specifically to Beck’s June 2010 shows where he had warned of ‘communist’ takeover in DC by Pelosi and other ‘revolutionaries’…

On his June 10, 2010 show on Fox “News”, Glenn Beck said “You’re gonna have to shoot them in the head,” in reference to Democrats such as then U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who he described as a Marxist “revolutionary” and “communist.”

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3 replies on “That would-be mass murderer HAILED Glenn Beck as his inspiration!”

Beck’s words are truly inspirational. Wasn’t Scott Roeder an O’Reilly fan? Another inspirational voice.

When a crowd stands by and cheers on an attack on someone, shouldn’t the cheerleaders be held just as responsible as the attacker? Glenn Beck is clearly a cheerleader for bad. Just like what is happening now with Frances Piven. Why go after a 79 year old woman? That says something about Beck’s character (or lack of)…

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