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From: Druid Meadow Morgans

Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 10:57 AM
Subject: GMO Alfalfa in the U.S.? The death of organic foods? NO WAY! Reject Monsanto’s GMOs
I strongly believe in preserving the integrity of our organic food supply, so I’m forwarding a petition signature request I received this morning concerning Monsanto’s current campaign to further corrupt the integrity of our organic food and milk supply.

‘The first Agriculture Committee meeting of the 112th Congress held a public forum on January 21, 2011 to unofficially review and discuss the regulatory approval process on biotechnology, specifically Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready Alfalfa, which has been at the center of recent debates.

Please take a stand against GMO Alfalfa in the United States and help preserve the integrity of a critical ORGANIC dairy (and equine) food source.

‘It is outrageous to risk the contamination of the organic dairy industry simply for Monsanto’s corporate profits.

Please sign the Food Democracy Now ( petition linked below, or go directly to the site and sign.

Using scare tactics to convince a population that manipulating the genetic makeup of our food is necessary for our survival as a race is the most devious form of corporate profiteering.  Monsanto has proven to be such a corporation.

Monsanto has also been proven to be a malignant, malicious and arrogant corporate entity responsible for the suicides of countless farmers (literally, thousands in India alone) because of exorbitant seed prices that farmers were forced to purchase, resultant catastrophic GMO crop failures, hugely expensive and grossly underestimated water needs for GM crops and ‘terminator’ technology that prohibits farmers from collecting GMO seed from current crops for use next season.

Prince Charles has decried Monsanto’s tactics and labeled the use of GM products as a “global moral question” in an article from the UK’s Daily Mail entitled “The GM Genocide“.

There are many excellently documented studies that show that manipulating the naturally perfect genetic composition of  vegetation has extremely short sighted benefits and monstrously devastating (and often yet unseen) long term effects – for every aspect of the environment.

Let Presiden Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack know you are opposed to the use of GMOs in any production stage of our food sources.

Many thanks,

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy
of things which matter least”

Dear Friends,

I just took action calling on Secretary Vilsack and President Obama to reject the approval of Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa and protect the integrity of organics.

Approving GMO alfalfa will destroy the integrity of and access to many organic foods, as well as the livelihoods of thousands of organic farmers.

The approval of GMO alfalfa is only days away and the Obama administration needs to hear from you and all of your friends who care about organics.

It is outrageous to risk the contamination of the organic dairy industry simply for Monsanto’s corporate profits.

Please take a moment to let Vilsack and President Obama know that you care about organic integrity by following this link from Food Democracy Now!
Then please pass this on.

Every voice counts!  Please, take action now.

Thank you!


Food prices set to double ‘if we don’t use GM crops’

Food prices could soar by 50 per cent within 40 years if we do not use genetically modified crops, a Government report warned yesterday. However, the report’s support for GM crops is hugely controversial. British consumers rejected GM foods in the 1990s, forcing supermarkets to take them off the shelves, amid fears about their impact on health and the environment. Responding to the report, the Soil Association commented: We need to be honest about the failures of certain technologies – such as GM to provide food for a growing world population. Instead, the Soil Association pointed to the role that small, local, often organic farmers play in feeding the world.

Daily Express (25 January, p.8)
The Guardian (25 January, p.15)
Daily Telegraph (25 January, p.10)
Commenting on the Foresight report, Molly Conisbee, Campaign and Communications Director at the Soil Association says: “We need to be honest about the failures of certain technologies – such as GM – to provide food for a growing world population. Despite billions being pumped in to GM, it has failed to deliver against its promises. The majority of the world is fed by small, local, often organic farmers. These systems are better for the environment, better for animal and human welfare, and offer more resilience to issues such as the rise in oil and fertiliser price rise shocks. Contrary to the pro-GM advance publicity, the Foresight report contains much that supports agro-ecological methods, such as organic. In particular, it highlights the need for research in agronomy, agro-ecology, soil science and other areas that have been neglected in recent years“.

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