Rich folks shifting “unbelievable amount of wealth” beyond the reach of IRS

Rich Are Shifting ‘An Unbelievable Amount of Wealth’ Beyond Reach of IRS
By Sam Pizzigati, Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

Brace yourselves, young people. In 2011, you figure to face a real stinker of a year. Those of you attending America’s budget-strapped public schools are going to find yourselves packed into many more overcrowded classrooms. If you’re matriculating at the higher ed level, you’ll be laying out much more for tuition.

And if you’re entering the workforce, good luck. You’ll be competing with 15 million older — and more experienced — jobless for the fewer than 100,000 new jobs our “recovering” economy has, of late, been adding every month.

Your parents, as young people, never confronted an economic landscape this dreary. And neither did their parents. Hell of a century we have going here.

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