Repubs work like demons to block steps toward stopping climate change

So they would like to see more masses of dead birds fall from the sky, and more fish wash
up dead? Some of them, of course, will heatedly deny that these die-offs have anything to
do with climate change, just as they deny that climate change is happening at all.

Others of them, though, won’t bother to deny it–because there’s really nothing to deny,
since, unlike all the rest of us, they’re glad to see such clear signs that the End Times are
upon us. The Christianists among them are okay with all such portents of apocalypse,
because, in their pre-modern minds, it means that Jesus will be coming back ASAP.

This is no exaggeration, but a clear-eyed explanation of the fierce anti-environmentalism
of the likes of James Inhofe and Sarah Palin, whose fealty to Big Oil is really secondary
to their chiliastic fantasies.

Now, we can laugh that off, or otherwise respond as mere denialists ourselves, insisting
that such crackpot zeal is not a factor in the Christianist program to end the world; or
we can face it, and face up to it, and take a stand against it, in the name of both the
First Amendment and our dangerously ailing Mother Earth.

And if we take the latter course, we’d better stop believing that these lunatics, with their
fringe views and provably unpopular agenda, were all elected fair and square. To keep
on laughing off the evidence of vast election fraud on their behalf is now as indefensible,
and ruinous, as their belief that global warming is a myth, or something good.

Unless we wake up soon, and face the truth about their “victories” and this nation’s
almost wholly faith-based voting system, they will only “win” more power next year;
then all the rest of us will pay the highest price for it.


Republicans attempt to stifle action on climate change
by Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

Republicans have wasted no time in using their new majority in Congress to try to block the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to act on climate change.

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