On the left, there’s NOTHING LIKE the homicidal rhetoric of the right

Here is a righteous piece of work. All hail Melissa McEwan!

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Let’s Get This Straight: There is No Leftist Equivalent to the Right’s Violent Rhetoric
By Melissa McEwan, Shakesville
Posted on January 13, 2011, Printed on January 13, 2011

[Trigger warning for violent rhetoric of many different stripes.]

Both sides are, in fact, not “just as bad,” when it comes to institutionally sanctioned violent and eliminationist rhetoric.

An anonymous commenter at Daily Kos and the last Republican vice presidential nominee are not equivalent, no matter how many ridiculously irresponsible members of the media would have us believe otherwise.

There is, demonstrably, no leftist equivalent to Sarah Palin, former veep candidate and presumed future presidential candidate, who uses gun imagery (rifle sights) and language (“Don’t Retreat, RELOAD”) to exhort her followers to action.

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