Lindsay Graham wants US soldiers in Afghanistan forever

I propose a compromise:

Let Lindsay Graham go to Afghanistan, and stay there forever.

From Citizens for a Legitimate Government (CLG):

‘US to stay in Afghanistan forever’ 02 Jan 2011 A senior Republican senator has suggested that the US should devise a plan to permanently keep American troops in war-ravaged Afghanistan. Lindsey Graham, the [deranged] Republican senator from South Carolina, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that Republicans would push for indefinite US stay in Afghanistan in the years ahead. “We have had air bases all over the world and a couple of air bases in Afghanistan would allow the Afghan security forces an edge against the Taliban in perpetuity. It would be a signal to Pakistan that the Taliban are never going to come back. In Afghanistan they could change their behavior.”

Kabul opposes US permanent bases –Remarks come after GOP Senator called for permanent US military bases in Afghanistan 03 Jan 2011 Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government has strongly rejected the notion of establishing permanent US military bases in Afghanistan. Chief presidential spokesman Waheed Omar said during a press conference in Kabul on Monday that the issue has never been discussed in meetings between officials of the two countries. “We have announced earlier that we are in touch with United States on the issue of long-term strategic partnership but not on the possible establishment of a permanent US base in Afghanistan,” he said.

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