Keep fighting for REAL Net Neutrality!

Keep Fighting for Real Net Neutrality


After a year of promises to deliver on Net Neutrality, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski pushed through a rule
before Christmas that favors the very industry his agency is supposed to regulate, leaving Internet users with few protections.

The chairman chose to ignore your voice – and those of more than 2 million people who have demanded real Net Neutrality. Now, he is trying to spin the media that his toothless rule is a win for Internet users, fulfilling President Obama’s campaign pledge to “take a back seat to no one” in his commitment to Net Neutrality.

But the FCC rule DOES NOT:

1) Stop the phone and cable companies from dividing the Internet into fast and slow lanes.

2) Protect wireless users from discrimination.

3) Prevent AT&T from blocking your access to third-party applications and requiring you to use its own preferred applications.

This bad rule is not the end of the story. And Free Press and our many allies are going to keep fighting to secure your right to an Internet without gatekeepers. Sign the pledge above to join the more than 2 million Americans who refuse to back down.

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