Jeffrey Immelt, GE’s man in the White House

General Electric’s man in the White House
Will CEO Jeffrey Immelt be another figurehead, or a real power broker? Workers might be hoping for the former
By Andrew Leonard

President Obama has chosen GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to replace Paul Volcker as the head of his Economic Recovery Advisory Board, now reframed as a “Jobs and Competitiveness Council.” According to Fox News talking head Noelle Nikpour, the appointment is yet another example of “Chicago-style politics payback.” The new position is a reward, so her analysis goes, for NBC’s “rooting” for Obama over the last two years.

Today’s entry in Fox’s through-the-looking-glass analysis of American politics would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The network that regularly hires Republican presidential candidates as paid pundits dares criticize NBC for favoritism? No one at Fox would have blinked an eye if George W. Bush had chosen the CEO of the United States’ largest industrial conglomerate as an advisor. But if Obama picks him, it must be corruption!

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