GOP lawyers STAGED that “voter intimidation” by the New Black Panthers in ’08

Poll Watcher To New Black Panther Party Videographer: ‘Don’t F**k Up The Story’ (VIDEO)
Ryan J. Reilly

Stephen Robert Morse was a freelance journalist and videographer working as a poll watcher for the local Republican Party in Philadelphia in 2008 when he got the call of his lifetime.

Members of the New Black Panther Party, he was told, were standing outside a polling place in an overwhelmingly African-American section of the city.

He shot a few minutes of video that day. One of the videos, showing two New Black Panther Party members standing outside of the polling place — and one of them holding a nightstick — went viral and was the underpinning of a voter intimidation case brought in the waning days of the Bush administration. That case has since exploded into a political controversy for the Obama Justice Department.

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1 reply on “GOP lawyers STAGED that “voter intimidation” by the New Black Panthers in ’08”

The GOP has been ‘staging’ at every level of voting, whether it be local, state or federal elections. Anyone who claims to have been frightened by two black men claiming to be Black Panthers obviously were not around during the real Black Panther movement and are just people who are afraid of black men, period. So ridiculous! Any movement requires more than two members and the days of the Black Panthers are over. The GOP has no shame! Simply trying to promote fear with no basis in fact. What’s next, the resurrection of the ever-feared Gray Panthers?

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