Glenn Beck plugs MCM’s work!

Too bad he’s demented. (Too bad also that I don’t get royalties for that introduction!)


(at the 39:20 mark, Beck holds up the book Propaganda and says to read it because it will “blow your mind.”)

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No. You don’t have to watch any of it.

Not surprisingly, he urges everyone to read Bernays to find out what THE LEFT is doing.
He evidently didn’t read the book, which makes it crystal clear that Bernays worked primarily for big business; and my intro notes that Bernays also helped United Front to sell the CIA’s coup in Guatemala (1954).

Are congratulations in order?

Beck also mentions “Century of the Self,” a documentary/essay by Adam Curtis which I got as a premium from KPFK. A curious left-right crossover here–an occasional feature of populism.

I’m ashamed to say it, but Glenn Beck has an MCM book that I don’t have yet.

If Beck can find a copy of “Watching Movies” I’ll be even more impressed. If he waves around the galleys for “The Marlboro Man” I’ll die.


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