Darrell Issa, car thief and suspected arsonist! (And that’s not all…)

Darrell Issa To Lead Obama Investigations: Suspected Arson, Car Theft, Weapons Charges! Wait! That Is Issa’s Past!

Darrell Issa, Multi-Millionaire Congressman Is Not Mr. Clean!

Darrell Issa, Republican Congressman from California, who has a checkered past, with multiple arrests for auto theft and weapons charges, was also suspected of arson for a fire that destroyed one of the buildings he owned. Now, the man who sobbed for television cameras when his party backed Arnold for governor of California instead of him, is planning to spend the next two years of his Congressional life investigating the Obama administration, but this time he will be using taxpayer money to pursue Obama.

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Up to three and a half years ago, Obama didn’t have a pot to p_ _s in. He also lost his license to practice law? Why? Pinch Sulzberger and his NYT rag doesn’t care. Hmmm. Today Mr. B. is worth ten million dollars! Good for him! Besides the royalties from his books that hardly anyone reads, where has all this loot come from? No one on the Democrat side of the aisle seems to care much. Neither does the Sulzberger family. Pinch thinks Obama is just the cat’s meow and such a great guy!

Zebediah, you have got to know that you make no sense whatsoever to knowledgeable people! President Obama’s brilliant books were BESTSELLERS, and he became a SELF-made MULTI-MILLIONAIRE because of them. Instead of stealing cars like the idiot calling himself “investigating” Obama, that Issa doofus, brilliant Barack Obama worked hard and graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from HARVARD LAW School WHILE at the same time WORKING several hours a week as President of the prestigious HARVARD LAW REVIEW! Issa did not only steal cars, he tried to commit insurance fraud by dangerously burning down his own business to try to get hundreds of thousands of dollars! The company found inflammatory agents in multiple spots where the fire was deliberately STARTED. Issa angrily balked at 1st when the insurers refused to pay him what he’d hoped. They then slapped the proof from THEIR investigation in front of his face and he slunk off with a fraction of what he’d been after! People like Issa are why this country is in trouble, not brilliant, hardworking President Obama. The nonsense has GOT to stop, and wackos like Issa have got to have the keys to the asylum taken from them in order for that to happen!

By the way it is a proven FACT that President Obama and the First Lady did NOT “lose” their law licenses. They voluntarily turned them in. It would be seen as unfair to potential opponents in court if they were to practice law in their current powerful positions –wouldn’t you agree? Btw, First Lady Michelle Obama graduated Salutatorian from High School, with HONORS from Princeton, and from Harvard Law School herself. And she had contributed substantially to the family coffers over the years!

Just heard Darrell Issa say, “It’s like when you were a kid and did something wrong, lied about it and got caught, you can’t say, Well my brother did it, too.”

That is exactly what he said everytime he was arrested…

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