Comcast spied on its customers!

Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You?

Attorney General Denounces Comcast For Spying On Its Internet Customers

Comcast Spying On Users

Comcast Experiments with Home Spying

Comcast VP indicates technology to spy on its TV cable customers exists×3155881

Comcast Is Hiring an Internet Snoop for the Feds

1 reply on “Comcast spied on its customers!”

Be very careful with comcast. They spy the websites you visit. I have stopped using their service because I was told by my fellow wellwishers what they do…I know they have access to all the websites because of security reasons. But when people get bored at work they will stoop down to any level to have good time..Does anyone know how I can surf the web without having comcast spy every site I visit.

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